Seamless Solutions Designed For Your Needs

At USA Transport, we engage our customers in customized, committed solutions in order to fulfill all their transporting needs. We provide comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of your business and industry. Leave us to handle the complications of managing supply chain logistics. Entrust us to manage all aspects of the operation, including cost, regulations compliance, service performance and more so you can focus on what’s important: your core business. Our scalable solutions are fit for clients of all sizes, improving distribution network, efficiency and flexibility while delivering top service.

Your Industry, Our Industry

On-site and centralized customer locations – we operate on both!

  • We have lightweight equipment for dry and/or temperature-controlled transportation, transport in bulk and make local and regional multi-stop trips for all food and beverage fulfillments.
  • Customer products are guaranteed top-notch delivery with our expertise in manufacturing/WIP support operations, consolidation operations, distribution and grocery and/or bargain retail.
  • Our automotive services include time definite, multi-stop routes in support of production and distribution efforts, cross-border operations into Canada and Mexico, sequencing operations and chassis movements.
  • We employ specialty equipment and services to ensure efficient industrial transportation, including driver engagement and manufacturing/WIP operations.
  • We place high value on health care transportation, offering our specialty services for all fulfillments.

Leverage the Power of a Private Fleet

USA Transport offers all the benefits of an extensive fleet – supporting technologies, processes and tools. Regardless of your fleet size, we deploy all operations of services that we use for our large irregular route fleet, such as safety, operational, maintenance, driver efficiency/quality of life enhancers, etc.

You can depend on us! At USA Transport, we’re looking out for your best interests. Having a fleet of units, as well as a brokerage group, at your disposal for anything you might encounter, such as seasonal surges or any other unscheduled operational and service demands.

If you enjoy the discounted benefits that come from aggregated purchases, supplementing you fleet with our brokerage is highly recommended. Other benefits include the power that comes from the support of an expansive network of thousands of trucking and carrier partners. Our vast network enables us to provide flexible service for all occasions. We give our clients priority access to our dedicated services to cover any and all unforeseen occasions. We strive to improve the efficiency of your fleet by using our networks, which include volume integration, access to our operational zones, and dray operations.

In these changing times, USA Transport integrates standard equipment operations with the most innovative technology, including the use of hybrids, to reduce overall capital commitment.

  • Cost Management
  • Operation Efficiency
  • Grade A Service

Safety Requirements

USA Transportation exercises extensive expertise on driver safety, equipment standards and CSA scores, maintains increased attention to safety compliance and regulations, provides in-person and online driver training, and reduces risk and liability via industry-related legal expertise.


Our fleet employs the latest innovative technology, which includes modes of continuous tracking and reporting and multiple systems integrated with our Transportation Management System to ensure the highest level of equipment performance, fuel purchasing and other aspects of cost control.


At USA Transport, we know that a young fleet means less extensive maintenance. We practice proactive solutions and perform our own maintenance for minimal cost and quick turnaround time. Our high-quality work and parts ensure longer-lasting equipment conditions. We utilize a large network of fuel partners that keep our trucks in constant motion.

The Benefits of USA Transport

We believe in keeping low costs, a seamless start-up process, better cost management and savings, reduced exposure to risk and liability, guaranteed capacity, offering support from our assets and enterprise services, on-site management and performance reporting, and professionally recruiting, training and retaining quality drivers.

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